Our Passion

As is true in many respects regarding the U.S. manufacturing and machining sectors, the restoration and preservation industries lack skilled workers willing or able to invest the time or money or other elements required to develop the suite of talents needed to seize on the available, and robust long-term employment options that are present and attractive to those capable of engaging in the industry.

Starting a career as a vintage car restorer means that you are making your own path in an industry that will offer you a great deal of job security, and you will also have access to more rare opportunities than a typical automobile technician.  By focusing on historically relevant and antique vehicles and vessels, we manage to marry a willing workforce audience, with the purpose that is both needed and very highly sought after by those who possess the assets. This intersection is exactly what we at The Chamberlain Foundation seek to refine our programs to support, nurture and grow.

Our Mission Statement

The Chamberlain Foundation registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity with mission statement, to create an entity through which we could give back to the organizations and communities that have shaped and enriched our lives.

Chamberlain’s gift allocation covers everything from cultural & historical preservation, religious building conservation to performing arts, education and health care.

Chamberlain’s initial benefactors are Families, Non profits and organizations committed to restoring the values we hold at a larger scale.


Get Involved 

The Chamberlain Foundation is actively looking for donations to our scholarship programs, partner charitable organizations to maximize our reach and vehicles and vessels for donation. If you have a passion for the Classics and want to follow the story of your vehicles restoration while also supporting an incredible organization, then inquire about our vehicle and vessel donation program.

Ways To Support

To that end, The Chamberlain Foundation has curated partnerships with several schools and trade organizations for the purpose of creating meaningful impact in the job training market for this industry. We can provided substantial professional and financial leverage to a broad spectrum of support that those interested in investing in those we seek to serve can provide.