Our Philosophy

The Chamberlain Foundation was created to identify and provide bridges that allow people to engage in meaningful work and employ themselves in endeavors that marry profit and purpose.

We elected early in our development to focus our mission initially on a program that highlights our goals, helping tie together a part of world heritage with those seeking to find a clear path to a rewarding career.

Our Chamberlain Restoration and Growth Program provides facilities, teaching, tools and direct support to historically disadvantaged and lower-middle class individuals seeking to learn the skills required to build a career in vocational and technical arenas that focus on the preservation and restoration of vehicles and vessels that themselves have a history or legacy that also can be preserved and curated using non-technical skills and support.

How We Do That

By bringing together some of the most experienced and mission minded people under the banner of the Chamberlain Foundation, we have set out to create a network greater than the sum of its parts.

By giving access to larger foundation resources and creating a network affect, the Chamberlain Foundation is able to create a force multiplier across its impact zones.

We believe that purpose can be given and shared, and we strive every day to help others find their purpose. We seek to empower and embolden disenfranchised people with a new sense of self worth and dedication to detail. The Chamberlain Foundation is restoring more than vehicles, and we want you to join us.